Drunense Duinen
Yesterday I visited the National Park The Drunense Duinen, also known as Brabant’s Sahara! You’ll find great sand dunes, heath
Beautiful Crocuses
Spring is finally here, i took some macro pictures in the Vlindertuin in Lewenborg. These crocuses are so colorful. ~
Dark skies above Noordermolen
Today was a nice day to try out my new Lee fiters, which are perfect to capture a lot of
Birds in my Garden
Hello there, i wish you all a very happy new year. These are the first photo’s i took in 2017. It
Icy Morning
An Icy morning today. It has frozen a little bit, so it was a nice morning to take a walk
The Venus Project
The Venus Project proposes an alternative vision of what the future can be if we apply what we already know
Zoo Park in Overloon
Last Saturday we visited Zoo Park in Overloon. This is a great Zoo with lots of cats and other great
Summer in Austria
Last summer we spend our holiday in Austria for the third time.  This year we decided to visited the Salzkammergut
Tropical Butterflies
Last Friday i made a day trip to the Orchieeën Hoeve in Luttelgeest. Te last few days the weather was